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Our Culture

Alcotech is a dynamic and diverse team that is comprised of exceptional talented individuals. Alcotech is comprised of People who are highly passionate and intellectually curious about things. The team is always in search of technologies and solutions that nobody has heard of but has the passion to make it as a necessity in the daily lives of its clients and consumers. We work toward being excellence in each of our services and projects. We always encourage meritocracy.

In Alcotech you will see welcoming faces who are working around the clock to create magic point of sale for their clients. We care for all- teams, partners, clients, customers, consumers and network of suppliers, distributors and agents.

Our grassroots approach to creativity means it encourages everyone to stay focused on it all the time. It is this unique approach to creativity that has made problem analyzing and solving second nature to us and has helped us set ourselves apart.

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Our Values

Prosperity and dedication are fundamental to our culture and underlying values. We believe that no one should be victimized because of their differences in physical ability, culture, gender, appearance, religion and sexual orientation. Our diversity makes us stronger—more innovative and competitive, which helps us perform better towards our commitments.


Alcotech believe in order to become a pioneer in the market we have to and will always act in integrity. Our code of conduct will always be based on transparency, ethics and fairness.

Leaders of Excellence

We will be bold and courageous taking up on challenges. Alcotech is dynamical in nature that transforms and evolves itself in order to provide the best possible solution to its clients in this complex environment.


If one thing that really defines Alcotech, that is it’s passion. Passion of the company as whole, passion to bring transformation through innovation and reinvention. Our passion helps to bring change in the digital era and technological economy with premium human insights.


As we grow as a company in this complex business environment, where legal, regulations and policies are constantly changing; we will always be responsibly towards to our associates, community and society. We will carefully consider each time we have to make a decision to a new kind of difficult situation arises.

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